Second Glance Thrift Store

Program Services in 2017

Last year, our programs provided 1,837,094 pounds of food to 7,747 people representing 3,487 unique households.

Gloucester Food Pantry provided 1,228,046 pounds of canned goods, fresh produce, meats, bread, dairy products, and eggs to 2,192 households during 27,530 visits representing 5,216 people.

Ipswich Community Food Pantry provided 125,742 pounds of canned goods, fresh produce, meats, bread, dairy products, and eggs to households during 5,723 visits representing 683 people from 347 households.

Community Nutrition served 34,134 prepared meals through Community Meals, Family Supper, North Shore Health Project, Grace Center, Our Place program, and our Sample Center.

Mobile Market provided 127,463 pounds of fresh produce and groceries to 1,225 households during with 8,878 visits representing 2,509 people in public housing neighborhoods, schools, and senior centers.

Summer Meals served 3,303 lunches and suppers to children ages 18 and under at 10 sites during a ten-week summer lunch program.

Holiday Meals distributed 67,110 pounds of food in November and December to make 2,237 baskets to make 13,422 meals.

Collaborative Meals supplied 47,076 pounds of food and fresh produce to clients of the North Shore Health Project, Action Shelter, St. Vincent de Paul, Harvest Meals, American Legion, Wellspring, Grace Center, and various community partners.

Senior Soup & Salad provided 9,479 soup and salad meals in partnership with SeniorCare.

Volunteer Service totaled 26,494 hours of time, talent, and engagement.

Farm to School built community collaboration between The Open Door, Backyard Growers, and Gloucester School District to increase student access to local produce and seafood.

PowerSnack provided 1,749 after-school suppers and snacks in partnership with Gloucester and Ipswich Public Schools.

Garden Project offered a curriculum-based garden program with Backyard Growers, to highlight Mass Harvest of the Month and provide Farm to School activities. Theme beds included edible flowers, a pizza garden, pickling bed, plant parts, and popcorn. Produce was incorporated into menus throughout our programs.

On Your Mark launched as a workforce development program for youth ages 16-21 with experiential and classroom learning with both a culinary and a retail track.

Client Advocates handled 1,342 appointments to help households with their SNAP (Food Stamp) applications or recertifications. Achieved 93% approval rating—the highest in Massachusetts.

Second Glance Thrift Store served the community with the collection and sale of donated clothing, furniture and household items at affordable prices, fulfilled 436 referral requests, recycled textiles, appliances and metals, hosted North Shore Education Consortium and STEP program participants for job training, and raised revenues to support our hunger-relief programs.


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