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Growth Story

  • Cape Ann Food "Bank" is formed with the leadership of Action, Rockport Congregational Church, and Cape Ann Interfaith Commission.

  • The Open Door, a place of hospitality, is formed under the leadership of Wellspring House.

  • Food pantry joins the Greater Boston Food Bank.
  • Food pantry begins receiving USDA Commodities.

  • Food pantry and The Open Door merge to become
    The Open Door/Cape Ann Food Pantry, Inc.
  • Food pantry participates in the Walk for Hunger.

  • Food pantry moves to 28 Emerson Avenue.
  • Buck-A-Bag and SERVE programs are added.

  • The Open Door meals move to 28 Emerson Avenue.

  • First cargo truck is purchased.

  • Second Glance moves to storefront location.

  • New refrigerated truck is purchased.
  • Fifteen-passenger van is donated.
  • First Empty Bowl Dinner is held.

  • Summer lunch program is launched.
  • Holiday Meal Basket program is launched.
  • First annual Autumn Breakfast is held.

  • Food stamp application assistance is added.
  • Second Glance moves to Pond Road.
  • Formal community service program is launched.
  • Formal job training program is launched.

  • Three new summer lunch sites are added.
  • Food rescue program is formalized with weights and measures.

  • Mobile Market, a free farmers' market for limited-income households, is launched at Riverale Park.
  • Helen Muise Community Service Award is created.

  • Brown Bag Market, a free grocery program for seniors, is launched in Gloucester.
  • A new Mobile Market site is added at Willowood.

  • A Brown Bag Market site is added in Rockport.
  • A new Mobile Market site is added at Kitefield Rd, Rockport.
  • Forrest Clark Founders' Award is created.

  • Two new summer lunch sites are added.
  • Pathways for Children is added as the first school-based Mobile Market site.

  • A new Mobile Market site is added in Ipswich.
  • Mullen Advertising helps organization shorten name to The Open Door and adds tagline, "Feeding people. Changing lives."

  • The building at 28 Emerson Avenue is purchased.
  • Raised beds are installed. Cooking classes are started.
  • Deconstructing the Lunch Bag is launched with salad bars.
  • Prescription Food Bag is launched with hospital.
  • Furniture Annex added at Second Glance.

  • Veterans Memorial Elementary School Mobile Market added.
  • Second Glance expands space.
  • Good Food Box is launched with North Shore Health Project.
  • New refrigerated truck is purchased.

  • Rockport Mobile Market site is relocated to Millbrook Park.
  • Fruit & Vegetable Campaign is launched in the food pantry.
  • Caterers are given new "nutrition guidelines" and training
  • PowerSnack, an after-school supper program is launched.
  • Second Glance acquires 800 sq ft of processing space.

  • Senior Mobile Market is added at the Ipswich Senior Center.
  • Mobile Market site is added for homeless families.
  • Gluten-free product is added to the pantry.
  • Teen supper sites are added for Summer Meals.

  • Construction on new Distribution Center begins.
  • Mobile Market is added to the Ipswich Food Pantry.
  • Family Supper is added on Tuesday night.

  • Construction on new Distribution Center is complete.
  • Pantry is reconfigured for client-centered service.
  • Mobile Market is added to Essex Senior Center.
  • New furniture truck and nutrition van are added to the fleet.

  • Ipswich Community Food Pantry merged and relocated.
  • Ribbon Cutting on Pantry Renovation /Distribution Center.
  • Second nutrition van is added to the fleet.

  • Added a Mobile Market at North Shore Community College (Danvers).
  • Added a Mobile Market at Winthrop Elementary School in Ipswich.
  • Hired our first Registered Dietician to expand health and nutrition services.
  • Completed Farm to School project with Gloucester Public Schools and Backyard Growers.

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