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Housing & Shelter Resources

  • If you need housing assistance call:

    The Housing Authorities
    Housing for income eligible or elderly families, and rental assistance in private housing.

    Gloucester, 259 Washington St, 978-281-4770

    Rockport, 13 Millbrook Park, 978-546-3181

    Essex, Chebacco Terrace, 978-768-6821

    Manchester, The Plains, 978-526-1850

    The Department of Transitional Assistance
    Located at 35 Congress St, Salem.

    Catholic Charities of Gloucester
    Located at 74 Pleasant Street, Gloucester
    Provides the following services: limited financial assistance for rents/mortgages, utilities and fuel, budgeting and emergency food card program.  Other services provided by CC on the North Shore include counseling, education and training (ESL, .HiSET, and Office Works), child care and elder services. Please call for the appropriate phone numbers.

    North Shore Community Action Programs
    Located at 98 Main St, Peabody
    Services include Housing Assistance, HIV/AIDS housing advocacy, Fuel Assistance, Energy Conservation, Adult basic education, Transition to Work, Home Care, Legal Assistance, and emergency shelter.

    Action Home Loans 978-283-7874

    Wellspring Housing Rental
    There are three Gloucester properties which consti- tute Wellspring’s low-income rental housing and provides homes for very low-income people.

  • If you need help with other housing costs call:

    Action Energy Program
    To help lower the costs of your energy bill.

    Action Weatherization
    For home insulation and winterization, designed to keep the heat in your home. If you are a Fuel Assistance client, your home falls within the guidelines and you may qualify for this program. You may be a homeowner or renter to be eligible.

    Action Appliance Management Program
    If you have lived in your home for one year, have an R-2 rating on your bill, and use more than 10 KWH per day, you may be eligible for this program. If your refrigerator or freezer is a high energy guzzler, it may be replaced for free. Waterbed mattresses may be replaced for free. You may receive energy saving light bulbs and water conservation devices as well as information on how to save on your electric bill.

    Action Heartwap
    An emergency program to help homeowners who meet the income guidelines, with fuel assistance, repairing or replacing heating systems.

    Action Keyspan Gas Program
    A weatherization program for those who heat with Keyspan Gas. You must be receiving the Keyspan Gas Financial Discount Heating Rate on your bill to be eligible.

    Fuel Assistance
    For help heating your home.

    MOR Price
    Fuel assistance clients will receive a discount on their oil usage until their fuel assistance benefits are exhausted.

  • If you need emergency shelter...

    The Shelter Commission
    Call to access resources for services and housing.

    Department of Transitional Assistance

    Wellspring House
    Located at 302 Essex Ave, Gloucester

    Action Homeless Shelter
    Hours of operation are 5 pm to 8 am, seven days a week, 365 days per year

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