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A New Food and Nutrition Center

The Open Door is pleased to announce a $4.4M capital campaign to build a Food and Nutrition Center with the acquisition of 26 Emerson Avenue to increase service capacity throughout the region. 

This project will provide a new production kitchen, add cold and dry storage, enhance client service areas, increase transportation capacity, invest in technology architecture, and improve the living environment for low and moderate-income populations. 


We need your help to complete the project. 

WATCH BELOW: The Open Door Food and Nutrition Center



Don't see your question answered below? Give us a call at 978-283-6776 ext. 206. 

What is the capital campaign project?

The Open Door Food and Nutrition Center is a building project that will result in a new commercial kitchen, areas for a youth development program, add cold and dry storage, expand technology, and build fleet capacity.

When did you break ground?

The Open Door broke ground on this project in Spring 2022!

When do you expect the project will be complete?

If the project breaks ground in Spring 2022, it is the hope of the organization that the project could be done by March 1, 2023, again contingent on the supply chain and world events.

Why is this project necessary?

We’ve outgrown our current facility, and with more space and the strategic reconfiguration of our building we will be able to provide good food to more people, expand programs for nutrition education, and streamline our operation.

Since Phase I of this project was completed in 2015 food insecurity has remained a demonstrated concern for our community only exacerbated by the pandemic and its economic ramifications. In 2020 we experienced a 27% increase in requests for food assistance.

In 2021, The Open Door helped stabilize the lives and health of 8,516 people from 4,176 households through the distribution of 1.83 million pounds of food.

Our clients represent 1 in 6 of Gloucester’s population plus neighbors in need from Rockport, Manchester-By-The-Sea, Essex, Ipswich, Rowley, Topsfield, Boxford, Hamilton and Wenham.

How will this change The Open Door Campus?

With the additional purchase of 26 Emerson Avenue, The Open Door will join the two properties, 26 and 28 Emerson Avenue, to combine them into one campus. A new perimeter deed has been recorded to reflect these changes.

A new, state-of-the-art teaching and production kitchen will increase meal production, Healthy Choice Easy Choice options and utilize more food rescue. The project design allows space for private nutrition counseling, workshops, and training opportunities for clients and the public. Further, a service hallway will directly connect the kitchen to a new, dedicated cold storage unit. Our current kitchen is served by a shared cooler space in the main warehouse. Additional dry storage space will allow us to take advantage of leverage buying or larger donations. It also enables us to repurpose some space for processing food rescue donations in a dedicated area. The dishwashing area will also be completely separate from the food prep area

How much fundraising is still needed to support this project?

The cost of this campaign has climbed from $2.25 million to $4.4 million due to changes in scope, materials and labor costs, and supply chain issues. The Open Door needs your help to close the remaining gap.

Do you want to help The Open Door fund this project and connect more people to the food they need for themselves and their families?

CLICK HERE to donate OR give us a call at 978-283-6776 ext. 206.

When will
in-person dining return?

If area COVID cases remain low and it is safe to do so, The Open Door will resume in person dining services after the capital campaign project is complete.

All updates regarding in-person dining will be widely announced through The Open Door website, email channels, social media, client text messages, and so on.

When will
in-person shopping return?

As with in-person dining, if area COVID case counts remain low and it is safe to do so, The Open Door will resume in-person shopping hours after the capital campaign is complete. All updates regarding in-person shopping will be widely announced through The Open Door communication channels.

Will there be program interruptions?

The Open Door expects to stage this project so there are no interruptions to core services.

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