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Our Team

President & CEO

Julie LaFontaine
978-283-6776 ext. 200

Director of Operations

Jennifer Perry
978-283-6776 ext. 202

Director of Advocacy and Development

Sarah Grow
978-283-6776 ext. 206

Director of Business and Finance

Marcia Hubbard
978-283-6776 ext. 209

Director of Thrift Operations

Susan Zwart

Nutrition Services Manager

Robin Stone, MS, RDN, LDN
978-283-6776 ext. 219

Executive Chef

Nora Hilfinger
978-283-6776 ext. 221

Food Acquisition and Distribution Manager

Gary Sprague
978-283-6776 ext. 207

Facilities Coordinator

Bill Stevens
978-283-6776 ext. 203

Board of Directors

Kersten Lanes, President
Mark Landgren, Vice President
Brandon Pratt, Treasurer
Irene Josephson, Clerk
Susan Lufkin
Chris Barker
Tracy Davis
David Sudbay

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