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Meet Our Team

President & CEO

Julie Hazen LaFontaine
978-283-6776 ext. 200

Director of Operations

Jennifer Perry
978-283-6776 ext. 202

Director of Advocacy and Development

Sarah Grow
978-283-6776 ext. 206

Director of Business and Finance

Marcia Hubbard
978-283-6776 ext. 209

Director of Thrift Operations

Susan Zwart

Nutrition Services Manager

Robin Stone, MS, RDN, LDN
978-283-6776 ext. 219

Communications Manager

Kelsey Bode
978-283-6776 ext. 226

Food Acquisition and

Distribution Manager

Gary Sprague
978-283-6776 ext. 207

Board of Directors

Kersten Lanes, Chair
Mark Landgren, Vice Chair
Brandon Pratt, Treasurer
Irene Josephson, Clerk
Jason Andree, Director
Chris Barker, Director
Tracy Davis, Director
Dennis Doolin, Director
Susan Lufkin, Director
Rebecca Fortado, Director
David Sudbay, Director


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