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Thrift Store Donation Center

Cleaning out? Book an appointment at Second Glance!


Second Glance Donation Center is the ultimate recycling center. 

Not just a drop-off! It's intentional recycling.

Think of your appointment like getting ready for a trip to the recycling center. To have the best donation experience, your items should be sorted and boxed or bagged by category before you arrive so you can easily sort them into the right bin when you get here.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make your Donation Center experience quick and easy.



MON-SAT | 9:30 AM to 4:45 PM

This is NOT the Furniture Donation calendar. You will not receive a pickup appointment by using this calendar.

Need a furniture pickup? Use this-----> CALENDAR

By using appointment times, we can manage the traffic and flow of donations.

 Yes, you do still need an appointment.

We have added MORE appointment slots to make it EASY to book an appointment.

There are now up to 90 appointment slots a day. One appointment per vehicle.

Leftover yard sale? Before you load your car, CALL.